This page will be updated regularly with FAQs from listeners.

Who plays that awesome music used in the beginning of your episodes?
Pa-shie Vang plays the qeej intro used in the #hoochim podcast episodes. It’s important to note that she’s a woman playing an instrument traditionally played by men.

Where did you get your website art from?
Co-host Paj is our in-house artist. She’s done all of the art so far from our profile images to our episode images.

How can I be a guest on #hoochim?
Email us at hashtag.hoochim@gmail.com

What’s the purpose of this podcast?
At heart we’re a Hmong culture commentary podcast. We didn’t see or hear our voices or the topics of interest to us in the Hmong or American media we were consuming. Instead of waiting around for others to give space for our voices we decided to insert ourselves in the mix. We talk about everything: current events, our interests, ourselves, and anything related to the Hmong community. We also purposefully tend not to cover topics, voices, and/or opinions that are heard regularly.

Who’s #hoochim’s audience?
Do people listen to us? If they do we hope they are our peers: Hmong folks. And people who speak English because we have limited proficiency in Hmong.


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