#hoochim New Year’s Resolutions 2018


A new year is around the corner and it won’t be complete without new year resolutions. Why start the new year with no objectives? It’s the same as if Jesus didn’t know what he was doing then why would we be wearing “What Would Jesus Do” bracelets? We thought hard about our new year resolutions and jotted it down in order to help you create resolutions of your own whether it be realistic or unrealistic. We hope one day folks will be able to wear bracelets repping our impeccable yearly goal setting skills.

Sandy Oh: As any flawed human being, I have many things to work on for 2018, but I’ve settled on 5 realistic resolutions. My resolutions are:

  1. Love my skin…literally. I want to start caring for my bodily skin. 2017 was when I discovered South Korean facial skincare. Now I want to start caring for my bodily skin. I want people to hug me and say “wow, you feel soft and supple”.
  2. Stop procrastinating. It’s a very basic resolution that many people include in their list and it’s a regular resolution on my list every year. I want to start creating a habit of completing things when it needs to be completed. Let’s hope 2018 will finally be the last time I see this resolution on my list.
  3. Write more. I have many topics that I want to explore and write about, but whether it be procrastination or lack of time, I haven’t been able to write as often as I would like. I hope at the end of 2018, I would complete some of my writing projects.
  4. Enough sleep. I don’t fight my body when I need sleep, but lately I have been averaging 5 hours of sleep in a given week. Therefore, I want to make a conscious effort in prolonging my life by sleeping the recommended amount of 7-8 hours.
  5. Finding home. I’ve lived in the midwest for most of my adult life, but there seems to be something missing. I hope to move and to find a city I can call home. I have a feeling this one might appear again in 2019. Please listen to our upcoming episode where we talk about moving out and the Hmong community’s gendered view on it.

Paj Huab Hawj: Here are my resolution in no particular order.

  • Read more and to buy more books-photobooks.
  • See more. This could mean travel more, be more open minded, make more pictures.
  • Be more proactive about the arts, this means go to more openings, apply to more arts grants, fellowships etc etc
  • The dreadful lose weight. I’m at 180 and i would like to be 160 by the end of 2018. This means watching what I put into my body, loving my body.
  • Give more.

Linda Hawj: My new year’s resolution is to meditate, read, and tell and laugh at more jokes, such as this – “I asked the Lion in my wardrobe what he was doing there. He replied ‘Narnia business’.” Also, “why does everyone call me an alcoholic if I drink alcohol, but when I drink Fanta…no one calls me ‘Fantastic’?”

Mim Xyooj: My resolutions are to eat and sleep more.


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013: Clan Politics

Episode #013 is a special recording. We know it has been a while since we recorded a full episode and we wanted to make sure, to our listeners, that we are still active and we are planning to record a new episode in August. This clip that you will hear is an unaired extended clip of episode 12 with guest Kong Pha. Here we talk about clan politics in the Hmong community and the reluctant embrace of Hmong women in these spaces.


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Illustration for this episode was made by co-host Sandy Oh.