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Linda Hawj is 2nd generation Hmong American, queer-feminist, artist, activist and community organizer; born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has lived experiences and have worked in multiple social justice issues, civic engagements, political campaigns, committees, collectives, and nonprofit organizations. At one point in her life, late 1990s to early 2000s, she thought she was the only Hmong gay girl in the world because she was told “there was no Hmong gay person ever,” and the US gay and lesbian representation and movement was too White and racist, still is. So if “there was no Hmong gay person ever,” and the US gay movement is racist, misogynist, and classist… she will boldly step forth to fight for human dignity, where the erasure of many like her before her have lived, but have been violently silenced or murdered. Until she finds as many hmong LGBTQ people to resist ideas, values and practices of white supremacy, classism, and misogyny. The stories of Hmong LGBTQ people will not be silenced and erased again.


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Mim Xyooj was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She spent her formative years on the west side of Saint Paul (not to be confused with West St. Paul) in a four bedroom house shared with a dozen family members. She is credited with the 2018 resurrection of her problematic fave website,

When she is not trying to figure out how to play Pokemon Go while simultaneously avoiding people she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and sleeping. She currently lives in New England.


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Sandy Oh was born and raised in the East Coast. She hopped on a Grey Hound bus and traveled to the Midwest. She tried very hard not to conform to using “pop” to describe a soft drink, however “pop” has embedded itself to her speech. She’s an aspiring writer and professional air juggler. On her free time, she works a 9-5 job and takes Buzzfeed quizzes.


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Paj Huab Hawj was born somewhere in the northern jungles of Laos, fled Laos with her family when she was a baby, crossed the Mekong on her mother’s back, was fed opium to keep from crying, lived in the refugee camps in Thailand and landed in America on a silver metal bird. She is a child of the 90s – learned American culture through TV shows and books whose characters did not resemble her likeness, and dreamt of becoming a cheerleader and dating the captain of the football team. Pa is a dreamer, an idealist, a lover of Leekong Xiong and sappy kdramas. She is an artist .