Questions We’ll Never Have Answers to, January 2017 Edition

This is the January 2017 edition of Questions We’ll Never Have Answers to. It’s important to note that these questions are listed in no particular order. Have some answers? Leave them in the comments.

  1. Why do Hmong people hate Yasmi so much? (read the comments)
  2. Who attended Trump’s inauguration festivities?
  3. When did Takeshi Kaneshiro grow from teenage c-pop star into handsome heartthrob?
  4. Why are there dragons in bodies of water? And why do people not care?
  5. Why it is that from January – April there is a surge of traveling to Thailand/Laos by Hmong people?
  6. Is Brenda Song Hmong?
  7. I don’t understand how the women’s march was the start of a movement. is it because for the first time white women are woke? Haven’t the movement been going one for a really long time?
  8. Asians = White people?